The Candidates

for the San Francisco

Board of Education 2014





Ways to use these interviews

This resource was developed by interviewing all 9 candidates for the Board of Education. We asked each one a total of 15 different questions.One very effective way of using this resource is to select the issue that is your number one priority. Watch all nine candidates replies on your issue and eliminate those whose ideas you're not comfortable with. Next go to the issue that you rate second in importance and view the comments of your remaining candidates. Continue this process until you have reached the point of selecting who you feel you will cast your vote for. Of course some souls will use the old method of going to each candidate and watching all the responses. That will work fine but be prepared to invest 25 hours into it.

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Stevon Cook

Why I want to run



Common Core Math and Honors

Special Education

Student Assignment

Prop C



PE in

Elementary Schools





Teacher Retention

The Future

Lee Hsu
Trevor McNeil



Hydra Mendoza
Emily Murase
Mark Murphy
Shamann Walton
Jamie Rafaela Wolfe
Dennis Yang